How to create a group?



i want to know how to create a group and also how to PM


You can’t do any of that


what do u mean by that @BB-Box


Pms are disabled on here.

Mods can make groups but they don’t do it.


how to make a group tho i remember we could. i made one too, but a long time ago, so I’ve forgotten.


You could request a mod to do it but that’s not possible anymore


the sad life.




Groups aren’t available anymore…

I think t1, who used to make the groups, quit.

As for PMs, they’re disabled.


You can’t create groups anymore


What people said above are correct.


@William04GamerA why have u spam liked me??? lol


Have I? Well, I didn’t do it on purpose. I guess that you have just posted a lot :slight_smile:




@t1_hopscotch created groups but she sadly left so we can’t create groups :frowning:


You can’t create groups, but you CAN create a tag list!

Just get a bunch of people together than enjoy reading your topics and tag them frequently when you post something new! It is kind of like a makeshift group.