How to copy and paste code?



I mean how do u even paste the code? I love the new hopscotch update but I can't seem to get it to paste


Hold down the block for a little while and it should come up with the option


How do u paste code cause I can't get it to work like do u use a When block or what do u do cause I got permission to use someone's ai code but I can't paste it


You just hold it down in the space and it should come up saying paste


How long do u hold for?


Not to long
Other wise I'm not sure
Because it works for me


Are you trying to paste into a different project?


Yes why does that not work?


You can't do that yet. At least... I'm pretty sure.


I'm trying to copie an ai bot code from @MR.GAM3R with permission and it won't work


Oh ok but I took screenshots so now I can just copie the code


@MR.GAM3R is it ok if u code it into my project cause I can't copie and paste plus I only have 1 iPad so it's hard


But it's ok if you don't want to


I dont think you can do that yet, sorry ;-;


Write down the blocks on paper and copy that...
Or print a screenshot out copy off of it...


I can't copy and paste into the same project!