How To Copy A Link From Hopscotch


So this is a tutorial on how to copy a link straight from the Hopscotch app. This topic is the answer to @Strongerthanyou's question:

By that, they meant the link.

Step 1
First, find the project that you want to get the link for. In my example, I'm using my "HSB PIXEL PAD". Once you find your project, click the share box. (The button with a square and an arrow inside of it)

Step 2
Once you click on the button, a math equation will appear and 3 answers will pop up along with the equation. Pick the right answer. Everyone's equation is different. In my example, the equation is 3•7, which equals 21. I selected 21.

Step 3
Once you click on the answer to your math problem, several options will appear. Click on "Add to Notes"

Step 4
Once you clicked,"Add to Notes", a new note will appear. It won't actually save to you notes app unless you take the button that says to do so. What shows up is the link.

Step 5
Select the link and click copy. Once you copied it, it's officially copied. You can paste it anywhere you want!:grinning:

Random outcomes is out!

Kewl tutorial @AlohaHawaiiStudios! :wink:


Or you could just directly press copy.


THANK YOU SO Much... @StarryDream @TheRealBlah third


Great tutorial! You explained everything rally nicely. :smiley:

Like @TheRealBlah said you can also just copy it directly to your clipboard by clicking this:

But using Notes is a good idea, so you can come back anytime and just copy it from there.


Thumbs up @AlohaHawaiiStudios. What TRB and Inty said :smiley:


I forgot all about that. ** face palm **