How to connect Meko stylus to ipad pro?


hey all,

I bought an ipad pro at a retailing shop in California. After getting used to using ipad pro, I found using hands to write on ipad pro is troublesome and tiresome. So I bought a Meko stylus onlne by Asin: B00N1BRWLA on Amazon USA. But I don’t know how to connect Meko stylus to an ipad pro. Then I asked this question for my professor.

In my own work I use comments quite heavily, being able to scrawl (rather than type) notes on the iPad and have those same hand written comments linked to the text and visible on the desktop would suit me down to the ground, even if the scrawl-note (I’m making up terms here) is just an inline / nested image, replied by my professor.

Today I come to this forum to ask some of you how to connect Meko Stylus to an ipad pro.

Any answers ?

Many thanks

Best stylus option outside Apple Pencil

You need to buy an Apple Pencil. That’s the only electronic stylus that the iPad Pro supports.


thanks for your idea and suggestion. That seems acceptable.
I also consider trying Apple pencil as the stylus, but I hesitate, because the price of Apple Pencil is too high above my budget. I am just a student in college, so I can not afford it.
On the other hand, I notice that Apple Pencil can only be used on ipad while it can not be used on iphone or other electrical devices.
Any other availability for passive stylus ?
many thanks


Non-electronic styluses work.

I’ve discovered that a Nintendo DS stylus only works with a Nintendo DS series touchscreen, for some reason.


hi man,
thanks for your reply. I never heard of that stylus, so I search that brand to Amazon and found your made by plastic and when using it, do you feel too light ?
many thanks


It’s the stylus that comes with a Nintendo 3DS.

It actually works perfectly for the system.


hi man,

Is that an active pen, that is the stylus needs battery-fulfill-able ?


No. The entire stylus is solid plastic. It was made specifically for use with the Nintendo DS handheld game system.


This is funny


Yeah it is funny.

You could use a iPad pencil thingy. That’s the only one I know that works.



Oh sorry, got carried away…




Any rubber stylus should work. iPad touchscreens are different from say a SHIELD Tablet screen or a Samsung screen in that you have to TOUCH the screen for it to work, so only rubber styluses or the Apple Pencil work.


Yeah it was an upgraded ds but with a back lit screen

It was similar to the GBA SP model 101 in that sense


Yeh apple kinda sucks. Its not open source


That’s exactly why I choose the Samsung Galaxy S9…

I despise Apple products…

It’s easier to manage files and code on android

Android has emulators

Android is more customizable etc.



i have an og shield tablet bc its powerful for tge price


I agree… shield made some amazing tablets and they probably still could if they wanted to…

Were talking about people who made the GTX-1080TI…

We need a new SHEILD


I want a tablet

All i got is raspbery pi windows 98 desktop and an windows 10 laptop



I think a laptop would still be better though

I say this from experience…