How to comfort Hopscotchers who have been hurt


Hi everyone, it's me, DoughnutDog5. I'm seeing a lot of notes on Hopscotch about people quitting because people are being mean to them. I want to talk about this. Feel free to reply and this conversation will become a good one.


Great topic! Welcome to the forums!


Thank you. Everyone is so nice on this forum. So AHappyCoder, let's talk about this.


I don't understand, AHappyCoder. People are being so mean on Hopscotch. I was bullied once by a hopscotcher named fling the potato. I made a logo for MagmaPOP and he changed the title to "Logo for MagmaPoop" He also made it glitch on me. So I wasn't able to report him.


You can type @AHappyCoder and it will send me a notification.

Yes, it is a much larger community, I really like the way you are concerned about this, as it is a real problem. You can report a user by emailing The hopscotch Team at

The word "Pop" is quite easy to be used for bullying :(


Thanks, @AHappyCoder. I just don't understand why people are mean. I'm on Hopscotch every day and people gossip and be mean to each other. May you invite some of your friends to this conversation please?


I have got CreativeCoder and SmileyAlyssa in here. I don't really get why people are mean either. Maybe they had bad experiences.


@Rawrbear left for real! Nooooo :pensive:


Hi! I wasn't invited by AHappyCoder but this conversation caught my eye.

I get your idea. Hopscotch is wrong. I don't get why people do it.


He just left the forum! I talked to him via email.


Is that true, @codingCupcake123?


Hopefully he comes back. Is he leaving Hopscotch or just the forum?




He said it in a topic and in his bio.


Just the forum.


someone who likes a civilized discussion on their topic! I like it!


Thank you for inviting me!

I think lots of people do it for attention. It doesn't make sense to me, but people just want attention. So they pretend to leave, or bully, so that more people will notice them.


I gave up on staying positive all the time.


Wait really? :frowning:


I just had to