How to close all "Whens" Help Please


Is there a way to quickly close all these Pink When blocks? It is annoying to have to close them all the time. Is there a quick way to close it that I don’t know about?


No, there isn’t any way currently.


Oh, well… THT should add that in a future update, it will help out a lot.
Well thanks anyway!


I reckon that would be a good feature to add to the subscription. Not necessary, but useful and nice to have.


Personally, I’d prefer if the Editor just opened with all the rules (Whens) closed.

  • That would be a cleaner look
  • You could see at a glance what rules an object had
  • It would be easier to navigate to the rule of interest

That’s all especially true when an object has many rules

I asked for this quite a long time ago, but it wasn’t implemented. But you know the saying, “If at first you don’t succeed…” :grin:


I agree with this!
@Liza @Montoya @Rodrigo can this be added?


I wish there could be like a side button scroll thing, so you could quickly scroll through your rules. Often when I have to do the manual hard way I end up accidentally dragging blocks here and there and often deleting them :confused:


This is a really great idea! It would be a cool feature to have in a future update of Hopscotch!