How to "clean up" code (remake of HWC topic)



This is from November, and I haven't read it. Just thought I'd bring it back so more people can see it.

Hi, I'm @TheMasterOfAirjitzu.

And I am going to show you how to clean up your editor using set position. At first it may be confusing, but you get used to it. Now, you may be wondering how. Well, here's an example:

This isn't as complex as it looks. Now, to do this well, you need to know the center of the screen. You may be yelling at me that you do, but some people don't.
This is for iPad only
In landscape, it is X = 512 and Y = 384.
In portrait, it is X = 384 and Y = 512.

Knowing this is important. Now, in the example, it was mainly blank text. You may be wondering how I know which text is which.

Well, in a recent update, Tht added the ability to name text as well as shapes and characters, which you already could make. So, make an object (any object) and name it what you want. Put it in rows with other objects, like this:

Then, code it.

That's it

Thanks for reading.


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