How to Check Your Number of Followers


It is possible to check how many followers you have...

I mention this not because the number of followers anyone has really matters, but because the method to get the information is extremely relevant to aspiring app developers.

However, I'm hesitant to publish the information as I don't want it to lead to bragging and/or hurt feelings. Thoughts?

A Way To See All My Subscribers
A good idea someone had (Follower count on profile)
Follower count (idea)



Does it require accessing the Hopscotch servers like through a website?


@XiaoMiaoMi just raised an interesting discussion on this recently actually:

I have concerns with that aspect of it as well...

this is indeed a feature that people have asked to find out.
for more info, there was also a period in which there was 'automatic following' where anyone who joined the app would automatically follow some users that the Hopscotch Team set (and I think hundreds of new accounts are made each day or something?) — it was originally for people to have some ideas/inspiration in their Following feed. it was stopped though

But I think people could learn something really interesting from how you discovered it too.

hmm maybe, if you would still like to share, you could put the focus more on how you got it ...I dont know how to move away from the 'popularity'/etc aspect...


No. And, since I'm sure someone will ask, it's not manually counting the follows in your activity feed.


Yeah. It's a bit of a paradox. How to increase knowledge & spur curiosity without spawning popularity contests... I'll think on it more, and see tomorrow what others have added to discussion.


If it's not revealing too much info, so it's through the app itself?


In a manner a speaking... yes, that answer is evasive. Sorry, but for now I'll leave it at that.


Ok, no problem :smiley:


hmm, speaking of discussions, I searched up 'number of followers' on forum to see if anyone has had anything else to add to this:

from these, there seems to be people who would like to find out how many followers they have, and people who are concerned about the impact of that. I haven't specifically seen people feeling put off or left out yet but I feel like people would...and others do feel that too. (for example there are people still expressing it about not being featured)

also other ways that people have tried to gauging the number is posting a project and asking their followers to 'like' it, or put their name down.

I am just examining some of how people have reacted to this and maybe an indication of the feelings of finding this out.

If the method is relatively easy to access, and could spread relatively quick, I think I will be more concerned...

—e.g. in the spirit of encouraging remixing and adding ideas to projects, there used to be a remix count on each project, and a Most-Branched tab (an equivalent of Trending).

it was made with intentions of encouraging people... it turned into lots of 'survey' counts, ('like if you prefer ice-cream and branch/remix if you prefer chocolate' etc as an example) and the feature was removed. I think the community has sort of seemed to move away from this (no reason why it couldn't be done with play count and like count)

begging for likes used to be pretty huge... there were projects on the Popular tab of 3 or so years ago (equivalent of Trending) where people just posted 'if I don't get 100 likes, my parents will give me a new dog' (:joy:) okay I am getting very off track (down into the path of community culture I go... I already made a topic for myself to do that so I should be more careful elsewhere)

it seems these wouldn't gain much traction now (although there are others I have seen, still involving sympathy...)

anyway, I think a better indication of the community at the moment would be this:

I think I could ask, how convenient/accessible is it to find out? even if it is hard though, people would still do it.

I think some things that might become likely:

  • if 'get 50 followers' was on that bucket list?
  • if people made projects thanking all their followers along with the number they have for each 'milestone'? (e.g. )
  • now that I put it like that, I guess you could think about how people react to number of subscribers on YouTube or followers on Twitter etc—

okay I am looking at too many things and it may not happen that way. I often 'think that ___ will impact the community in this way ___' but it more often than not doesn't quite work like that, so I will just leave it for a bit...


Sounds interesting.
People have always been asking for this, and I would really like to know too. This could lead to competiting though, or people feeling bad about not having much followers. Only showing this to the forum would be better than on the app, since such a project would very easily get on trending and reach out to much more people. (Not saying I don't want people to know about it)


I once tried to see how many followers I had by looking at the code behind hopscotch on my computer to see if it would be somewhere in there.


Personally, it would be very interesting to know. But I think it would be better to keep it to yourself. I'm amazed someone found out, but you're right, this could lead to jealousy.


I wish there was a way you can privately view your followers on your own and that there was a ban not to share how many you have on the app or the forum.


This sounds cool, but perhaps it will cause a bit of conflict... But people can give out about a lot of things already....
I feel you do decide to release it please tag me, I'm really interested as to how you worked out.


Well...I guess some people can't handle it and stuff, so that can cause problems. You could try saying it in a post, see how people react to it, and if it's too bad, you can delete it.
Or you can keep it, but move the topic to the lounge.


Just tell me how
I'm in a terrible mood


Well if you do decide to say it tag me. I won't go ballistic.


Uhh...same, me too.
I'm just curious.


But I would like to see how many followers I have just me I wouldn't brag I don't even keep count I just badly want to know

I ALONE would want to see them