How to change your username on Hopscotch Forum?



Help! I am CodingFun62 on Hopscotch. But on Hopscotch Forum, I can’t change my username! Help!


I dont think you can


You have to be a Regular member here and have the Badge


You can't, I'm a regular and I can't


Hopscotch forum doesn't let you change your username (at least for me) Sorry


You can change your name on the forum. Here's how:

1) Click on your profile picture in the top right corner of the page, then click the little gear icon ⚙

2) You'll see your username near the top and a pencil icon next to it. Click that and you'll be able to change your name


I cant, is it because your a leader?


That could be. I can't either.


Same for me, can't change my username.


I think it is the same as the deleting your forum account post; you can't do it after a certain point, but @t1_hopscotch can do it because she's a Leader/moderator


Oh I did not realise :hushed: Thanks for letting me know @Lavendercupcake, @Kiwicute2015, @TromaxTheDestroyer and @CreativeCoder.

I can change your username, ixCode, to CodingFun62 if you would really like to :smiley: Is that how you would like it to be spelt?

I think there won't be any problems because you don't have @mentions with that name yet. (For example, I would have a few problems if I wanted to change my name because I've typed @t1_hopscotch before. If I changed my name, all those @t1_hopscotch links won't work anymore)


@t1_hopscotch may I please have my username changed to LikeaGirlStarlight?


Can you change my forum name to DoodleStudios because I really need it cause I have a new account please


It doesn't have a pencil next to mine


please change @smurfy0000000 to just @smurfylovesu because the last name is too hard on my mobile, @t1_hopscotch.