How to Change the Way your Forum Page Looks


This is the way my page looks.

If you want it to look like this, or some variation of the forum, read on.

Your browser must be google chrome
You cannot use an iOS device for this

To do this, I use a chrome plugin called Stylish.
Here is the link to install.

Once you have stylish installed, go to this page. Choose the theme you want to use and install it to stylish. Go back to the forum and reload the page. If it looks bad, just try another one.

If you need help, just tell me.


I already have that plugin. It's my favorite.
Great guide!


This isn't related to Hopscotch. I flagged it as spam.


It's related to the forum.


It is because it's about how to make something so it look like something else and you can do it to HF (Hopscotch forum)


By the way, even though I'm using Chrome on a non-iOS device, I think this might be advertising for Chrome. Also, it affects other websites, not only the Hopscotch forum. @BuildASnowman/@Kiwicute2016/@PopTart0219, can you tell us if this is spam?


icry :c


This isn't spam. It's related to the forum. :D

Thanks for being a good forumer though and trying to take care of the forum! :DDDDDD


This is fine and not spam. Please stop flagging topics that are cool to the forum as spam


Ok, I'll remove my flag. But Hopscotch is only available for iOS, and this can't be used on iOS.


It's related to the forum, it's fine. :slight_smile:


This is for computer users on the forum it's fine

I had to go through flags and I don't want to do that :slight_smile:
I already took care of it


Ok, I removed my flag.
Do you see who flagged stuff?


The mods can, but no one else can. :D


They see WHO flagged?






How did you bypass the character minimum?


The mods are actually the ones who approve/deny the flag. If they approve it, the flag goes though. If they deny it, it doesn't.

That's really helpful because sometimes people flag just to be mean, and the mods can deny it.

So yeah, they can see who flagged.