How to Change Password



My brother found out my password for the Hopscotch app. Now I want to change it, but I’m not sure how to. Help?


Log out.
Then, hit I already have an account
Next, hit I forgot my password
Fourth, type in your email
Last, click the link in the email THT sends you


Thank you! :grinning:


No problem, just glad I could help


Use the 'I forgot my password'.


I know this doesn’t have anything to do with the topic sentence, but @Gobli09, please stop adding the “tagica” tag (and others that I did not add) to my topics!


When did I add the tagica tag???


I think I asked this question because I hadn’t set up an email with my account but that was an easy problem to solve dkkwkwmekfk


Sorry, it was actually @Petrichor who did it.




He does that for me on my old topics— the ones that are so old I can’t change the title, and only regulars and up can change every title, so it is SOOO annoying!!