How to change forum email?


Hi guys um I wanna change this account's email to my hopscotch email and I used a throwaway email for this and I don't know how to change it can I have help
And my other account uses that email.....


I think you just go into your profile settings and change it?


I figured it out!
I had to make a throwaway mail and change it
Now I can do my other email


This is my other acc btw


I need help it won't work aaaa


It isn't working huh


Why did you respond to a bot? :stuck_out_tongue:

It should be changed, what's the problem?


Your email is in the photo, please edit it out. :)


That's a bot's email don't worry




bottom left corner


What problem is it? I don't see it


It says the email is already used by a staged user when I gave the other account a different email


That means that you used the same email on another account, as you can't use the same email on two accounts. :slight_smile:


I know but I changed he email on the other account


Then I bet the email's still in the cache. Can't set your account as that, I guess.


Aw man




Yeah but there's a hack to do it but I'm too lazy to do that and too lazy to say


Just go into preferences on your account and search for your email. Then click the edit sign and change your email.