How to change backgrounds as the level of the game changes



I am making a game with three level. I need the following to happen. I cant get my codes right. Its been a week.

  1. Background to changes as you level up in the game
  2. Game will have three levels
  3. What is the easist way to do this without giving myself a headach.
    *** please provide examples or code cuz I can do the coding but i don’t see how I can change the background as I level up


Just have whatever triggers you going into the next level draw a trail of whatever colour, width 3000. If you are using values, just have an object that is detecting for when Value=? draw a trail!


Can you provide some pictures too? I need to know exactly what you are doing.


nah i m good love enjoy


What do you mean?


nobody trying to share codes now… i just need help.