How to change a name



Hey guys!

So I have reasons for posting this as some of you die hard CrookedCat fans know, I have resently changed my name to just be CrookedCat on Hopscotch, but I can't on here because it would break tags, and I know sometimes mods and admins change people's names, but what do you have to do? Is it another contest thing, do you have to be specifically ranked? I was just wondering, so I maybe could change my name, because I don't like the 6519 in my name anymore. Thanks!



Leaders/Moderators can change names but everyone else can't.


They don't change names anymore, sadly... :/

It would break a lot of things with the tags. :0

The Phase_Admin change was mostly a test I believe and the Kiwicute change was a one time thing. maybe? idk


I fell like there was a secret in preferences which could do that, did they remove that?


Yes, I know that, but I have heard of specific leaders and admins changing people's names, but I don't know how they are convinced.

Edit:Never Mind :grinning:


It would break tags
Which would break the forum


Yeah, lol I said that in my post @MobCraft ...:grinning::+1:


That's why it's not going to be allowed
Not even for mods
Or leaders


Ok thanks for the info!!! :blush:


In normal discourse you can
But in the forums you can't

So yeah they removed it


Breaking tagz :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


Maybe they will find a way to change names without breaking never know!


I know how to change my username... mwah ahahhahahahah

But I won't XD

  1. I would get banned

  2. Break the forum

  1. YOur PP BRings BAck MEmories :slight_frown:


How? I'm curious. I'll delete it if I think it could be dangerous,



If you broke tags, then I dunno what would happen! I tagged you before! It would be a disaster!

It's for the best if you don't change. I love your username! @CrookedCat6519 I love it!


I already got it, but thanks :smiley:


No problem :smiley:

HTHA (Happy To Help Anytime)


I used to know your way, I forgot now :sweat_smile: