How to become a beta tester



To become a beta tester go to the website And fill out the information below!


Totally helped, thanks! @Computerguy91


Your welcome @SlipperySalamander


What is a beta tester???????


Someone who tests out the new updates


Thank you ! I'm really looking forward to being one next summer ! I would just like to ask if you can ask to be a beta tester for only 2 months or something like that ? :grinning: Thank you !


Hi @Whalephin145 if you're a beta tester already then just email them again when you aren't able to beta-test anymore and notify them. I think they'll be able to put your name off the list then.

If you aren't a beta tester yet, you can email Hopscotch about being a beta tester at and just ask them if you can beta-test for two months :smiley:


Is says it doesn't exist anymore


You can just email the Hopscotch Team instead:


One question can your still do your normal hopscotch? Oh and thanka


Wait ow do you write a email?


Yep you can still use your normal Hopscotch app as usual and it won't affect your normal app in any way :smiley:

If you use your parent's email, you should check with them first and ask them if you can email Hopscotch to be a beta tester. Otherwise, it depends on what email you have.


Ok I wil ask my parents