How To Be Related?


If I Don't Have Hopscotch, How Am I Supposed To Be Related To Hopscotch?


Maybe you can say, we can make projects related to this!


Talk about hopscotch :DD


Maybe talking about coding or making a club that codes!!

Anything with coding!


Remember what rawrbear said?
not rly a great excumuse


Well, it's allowed and it's fine though


I don't know, if you don't have hopscotch maybe you can talk about off topic stuff in off topic topics


Maybe y'know get hopscotch? The question is why did you come to the forums before hopscotch?


No he/she deleted the app because of the update!


Well @Clowns, you can try to make collabs or making a drawing club.


Well, you know how it works and what you do, so you can still talk about it without actually using it :D


You could make a collab or a contest
Also it doesnt have to be about hopscotch it can be about other coding apps too


Just a question:
How did you find the forum?


I found it on one of THT's email thingys


It wasn't to me........ I saw that edit