How to be follow worthy


I'm not saying you aren't. You probably are. I don't know. But here's how you could gain more followers.

  • Don't beg for followers or likes. Many people don't like that, including myself.
  • avoid remixing. I don't mind if you do it a little bit, but if you remix a lot, then you'll have less followers.
  • don't make duplicate projects. It annoys me. I still follow people who republish their projects, but I don't like it.
  • Be creative. Obviously. People like to see original projects.
  • don't share every detail of your life. Lots of people don't want to read a life story. Make a chat account, like @MemorableChicken
  • Be on as much as you can !

I think that's about it! If you think of anymore, add them! It's on global edit!



Can anyone Please?

Güd advice! :thumbsup:


Thanks! That was every helpful.
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I don't have global edit. :confused: But okay, I'll try not to always use omtl.


Great advice! Here's a like!


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Good advice!


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