How To: Be Featured! 😱 [REVISED]



Ahh… That haven!

Where you get spam liked every second! And everyone sees that one project you make…

I’ve been there twice, but then never… And now, let me tell you how to be there, or at least, have a higher chance of getting that weekly glory based on my experiences…

Please note this is the revised version of the original topic

#1. Make the project INTERESTING

Build Something Better, like they always say…

Try to do something that NO ONE, yes, I mean, NO ONE have done before…

I dunno… 2.5D Tapper games???

#2. High Quality looks!

Try not to use too much emojis if possible…

The difference between using the emojis and the shapes given in-app is that the emojis are Pixelated “Images”, while the shapes are actually Vector Formatted “Images”… That means no matter the size you give it… They’ll never look pixelated!

#3. Promote it in the “Nomination for Featured” topic

I’ll give the link right about…


Nominations for Featured!

No one said you can’t self-nominate yourself right?

Well, there’s your ticket to being featured…

What ever you do here, it’s not actually 100% guaranteed that you’ll be featured…

A like and comment is appreciated…
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How do I get featured
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Good job, dude!:sweat_smile:

This topic is a great topic!:slight_smile:


Great topic!


10th voter! Nice topic! :D


Wow! Awesome topic! I'll try to follow these steps! :wink:


Yes, promoting it is necessary.


Amazing topic! :smile:


Great topic! Keep up the good work!


Thanks everyone! You all are really supportive...

Hope ya'll be featured!


This is fun, thanks for the help! The feature form has reaped max limit, does anyone know how I can submit a feature?


There is a Feature 2 Place. Here is the link…

Hope this helps!


This is a great topic, and should be revised! It will be helpful to all hopscotchers making a goal to get a featured in 2019!


I have 10ish featured projects and I’ve never self-nominated myself (or seen anyone else nominate them).