How to be awesome on hopscotch FORUM STYLE


  1. Be relevant:
    This is the HOPSCOTCH forum not the what i ate for lunch forum (btw it was tacos and they were goooood)
  2. Don't make appchats:
    Also goes for the first part but please, just don't. This is also a problem on hopscotch
  3. Don't advertise:
    Unless you want someone to help you with coding try not to share your projects on the forum.
  4. Always accept advice:
    don't ignore people's advice, you don't know if it works or not
  5. BE KIND:
    it's nice to be nice it's bad to be bad
  6. Be appropriate:
    Goes without saying.
  7. Have fun:
    If you downloaded this to not have fun then you're probably grumpy cat
    Thank you for your time


Very good way to put it.


True very good way of !


Nice words and it's funny at the same time with the grumpy cat