How to be auto followed



Hi guys one question how do we become a person that is auto followed? :blush:

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This topic might help answer your question :wink:

Also! Welcome to the forum! I hope you enjoy it here :D


Welcome to the forum! To be an autofollow, you have to make great projects with advanced code, like ones Real Funky 63 does.


I think they got rid of auto follows that they used to have. Now I'm pretty sure it's just @MagmaPOP and @Funky_63_Greenland that are auto followed.


Well, you should be an autofollow!
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Nope, nobody's an autofollow anymore.


They removed auto follows because it caused tons of lag with the activity. That's why it was down twice! Sorry!


I don't get auto followed anymore , not after I deleted all my projects
I get followed by users who want to follow me


Thank you for the help


Also, Since you're new you're going to have limited replies. Don't worry tho. After a while and you get the member badge you will be able to reply more. :D


And users who want to follow you are most people!


What? I'm still an auto follow? I don't think so... A good 99% of my activity tab are likes... So...


Well, that's because the percentage of people who follow you is smaller than the percentage of people who like your projects. You have more projects than profiles.


Being an autofollow was actually a glitch, but the Hopscotch Team fixed it.

EDIT: There used to be a glitch where you could follow yourself. When I tested it, I became an autofollow. Either that glitch triggered it, or it was just a weird coincidence.


I guess you could say I'm an "expert" in this!

Auto following isn't a glitch. THT chooses people who are inspiring so that new people can see cool projects when they join! There are no more autofollows anymore, because they were crashing the servers!

Actually, here's a list of all the ex autofollows!

The Hopscotch Team
Star Girl Studios
Sim sar
Toaster Rebellion
Cheerful Owl
Ancient Viola
Slippery Salamander
Pi Studios

To be an autofollow is a huge honor! Sadly, they removed it because of how frequently featured is updated! People can now find great Hopscotchers from that!


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No, auto following was originally to show people how awesome Hospcotchers can be!

However, now since featured is updated very frequently, people can find awesome people there, on their own! :smile:


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Auto follows were removed because it was taking a toll on their servers. There are also more people in the community, so the team thought that new coders can find awesome people to follow on their own :wink:


Ok, I guess not. But I made another account and it followed them, and that was only a week ago...

I dunno :worried: