How to be an Awesome Leader!



Hi! In this topic I’m going to share tips on how to be an awesome leader! You don’t need a trust level or badge to be a leader. You just need to be active, kind, helpful, and who you are! :D

1. Always Respond Nicely

A kind reply beats a smart reply any day. Even if the reply you have thought out to someone breaking the rules seems really funny, don’t respond with it! Never be rude, always be friendly! Think about what your reply will look like from their point of view before you post it. And if they respond to your post rudely, just ignore them. No matter how many rude posts and topics they make, don’t try again. If they are trying to fight and nobody fights back, they will give up eventually :D

2. Always be Yourself

Being friendly doesn’t mean changing your personality! You can easily be sarcastic and funny and incredibly nice at the same time. Just make sure you read your posts throughly and think about what they will look like from everyone’s points of view! :)

3. Use Good Spelling and Good Grammar

Unless you are with friends in a general topic or something, you should always use good spelling and good grammar! This makes your posts easier to read and makes you seem like you are taking helping the forum more seriously. Check your replies and topics before you post them to make sure you didn’t miss anything. ^-^

4. Try To Be Active

If you are looking to really help the forum, be active! Try to get on every day and respond to all of your notifications (Unless it’s just someone liking your post or something). Read all the new topics, and put some topics on watching/tracking to read the replies. Also, remember, if you can’t get online, that’s perfectly fine! You don’t have to get on every day. Missing days is okay, and healthy since it’s good to get away from electronics sometimes. :)

5. Be on Topic

It’s okay to be off topic in a general topic sometimes, but even generals should still be atleast somewhat on topic to Hopscotch, coding, or creativity. Make sure you aren’t getting too off topic in generals, and make sure you are always on topic in other topics. Make sure what you watch what topics you post too! Unless your general topic is closed, don’t make another one. If you are leaving or taking a break, tag your friends in a general topic to tell them, don’t make a topic for it. That’s exactly why the words “I’m leaving” used to be blocked on the forum! :o

6. Remember that the Forum isn’t a Place to Talk About Life

Talking about your life in a general topic is okay, as long as you don’t talk about personal issues! Although I understand the forum is the only way to talk to your forum friends, talking about the fact that you’re depressed is not okay. Keep your real life problems in real life, and either remain calm on the forum or take a break from it :)

7. Don’t Complain About the Hopscotch Subscription

The Hopscotch subscription has a lot of great features. So I understand you probably wanting the Hopscotch Team to lower the price. But the Hopscotch Team does need money to keep the forum and Hopscotch going. So if you want to help them, don’t complain, be supportive! Suggest new features for the subscription (and new features for everyone), and if you have the money, consider getting it for a while! It’s really cool, and I encourage getting it :D

8. Always Be Helpful

If you want to be a leader (without the badge, trust level, or new abilities), make sure you are helping everyone out! This is the most important part of being a leader. There’s tons of great ways to be helpful! Welcome new users, answer questions about the forum and Hopscotch, and way more! ^-^

9. Don’t Say You Were the One Who Flagged a Post

There isn’t anything wrong with flagging. If someone continues to break rules over and over even after everyone responding nicely, flagging is a good way to report them and tell them that if you don’t listen to the rules, you will be flagged. But anyway whenever you flag someone, don’t say it was you. This just causes fights, which is exactly what all Hopscotchers should try to avoid. If the person asks why their post was flagged, it’s okay to tell them why you think it was. But don’t say you flagged it, and never ask someone else if they flagged a post as this can cause fights too :o

10. Remember that You Don’t have to have Hopscotch to be a Great Leader

As long as you’ve used Hopscotch before and have some basic knowledge on it, deleting or being unable to use the app shouldn’t stop anyone from being a great forum leader! You can still answer questions about Hopscotch and such without it. Just be sure to still stay on topic with all your posts, and then you’re good to go! :D

Thank you for reading and for helping the forum and Hopscotch! It’s great to see Hopscotchers wanting to help the community even without the leader badge or abilities. Also, if you have any more tips or opinions, share them! I’m open to all opinions on this topic and seeing your tips would be great. Thanks again for wanting to help the community! :D



Nice topic! :D


Thank you!! :D :D


Great topic frenapai!!!


Thank you too!! :D :D ;D


Also, if I like anyone’s tips enough, I’ll add them to the main post! (^-^)/


This is great! I love all the examples of ways to do so.


Thank you so much!!! :)


Most of this is really nice, and a great reminder! :DD

However, I disagree with two parts of this. Do you mind if I point them out? c:

Firstly, it’s fine to talk about your life. Making a bunch of topics about your life to try and get sympathy or attention is not, but talking about it in a general topic is okay, unless you’re being inappropriate. Most people would not find depression or similar things offensive or inappropriate for children, unless they’ve been taught that it’s inappropriate. If you have, that’s okay, but it isn’t exactly correct. :)

I understand you might take objection to this, but it doesn’t say in the Community Guidelines that one shouldn’t talk about these issues, and THT has never stated that you shouldn’t. So basically, we can assume that this type of thing is not something we should avoid. If you disagree with me, maybe one of us should ask THT so we can understand a little better what we should do. :D

If you don’t like that sort of thing, just don’t go in topics where it’s being discussed. It’s as simple as that. :)

Secondly, I think it’s okay to tell someone you’ve flagged them. If they take it offensively, it isn’t the flagger’s problem. c:

Saying something like “I flagged this post!! It’s really mean and you’re horrible and I hope you get in trouble!” isn’t okay, of course.

However, something like “Hey, I don’t think this is okay to say. I’ve flagged it, but if I was wrong to do so the moderators will delete the flag. I just wanted to let you and a moderator know that I don’t think your post was okay :)” is fine.

If someone gets mad over something as innocent as a flag and starts a fight, it’s their own fault for being irrational and unreasonable. XD

I’m not trying to argue with you, I just wanted to add that in my forum experience, (which has been two years long today, wow! :00) I have observed something different to what you have. :DD


Anyone can be a leader even if they dont have a badge.


Thank you for your opinion!! What you said is correct, and talking about life in a general topic is fine. When I say not to talk about depression, I mean don’t talk like this- "ugh I hate life I’m gonna kill myself cuz I’m done dealing with depression"
That isn’t okay on the forum or Hopscotch. Just saying “Hey, I’m feeling depressed right now” (but with more details) is fine in a general topic :)

Also what you said about flags is right too. It’s fine to say you are the one who flagged something if you say it nicely, the only problem is most people don’t :o

Thanks again for sharing your opinion! :D


Yeah, that’s what this topic is saying ;D


I know
But it’s a short way to say it


Okay :)


This is such a nice topic – I can tell that you put work into your topics, and I really admire that :smiley:


Here comes the standards for our flawless, ideal forum leader that we all want.

Since we are all imperfect humans with flaws.

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Since we are all imperfect humans with flaws. :D


Only literally no one can be like it.

Good topic, though.

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Thank you so much WynterDiamond!! Yeah, I do, and thanks again! (^-^)/


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