How to be a Pro at Remixing


How to be a Pro at Remixing

We all have those moments when we're like, "WOW! That's a cool project! But... I wanna change some things!" So here you have it, the unofficial guide to politely remixing.

1. Don't remove the credits!
This seems pretty obvious, but I see it a lot! Just because your reducing lag or adding characters or what not, doesn't mean the code is yours. Your building off of someone else's projects, and they should get the credit they deserve.

2. Make the remix apparent.
What I mean by this is to make it obvious that your project is a remix. You can do this by adding "REMIX" to the end of the title, or stating in the project that this is a remix, etc.

3. Don't make tiny changes.
Remixes are cool when you add to the project, not when you get rid of a character or change the title. Make sure your changes are adding to the game.

I hope this helped :D Now you can all remix like a pro :+1:


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