How to ask questions like a pro


This is what we’re here for: asking for help! Learning! Making better stuff in Hopscotch!

Here are some tips to help you write the clearest, most easily answered questions:

  • Be clear and specific. Make sure that you’re asking an exact question (“How do I make my character move left?”) rather than a generalized question (“How do I make my character move?”.
  • Show, don’t tell, whenever possible. Use screenshots to show the code you’re working with, and leave notes to explain what stuff means.
  • Format your question so it’s easy to read. Use numbers or bullets if you have more than one question. Impress the world with your impeccable grammar.

Heads up: The Forum is for talking about making stuff on Hopscotch. If your questions isn't about making stuff on Hopscotch or if it doesn’t meet our community guidelines (for example, it asks someone to follow you), it will be removed.

PS: Our friends at Socratic Org know what's up. Check out their tips for good questions.

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Grammar doesn't matter on the forum (rant)
Gobli's General Topic II 🤔

Check if your question has already been answered

It's useful to check if your question has already been answered in another post so that it saves you time from writing a question, and saves other people time from repeating the same answer.

Search keywords that are related to your question topic. You can search posts by going to the search magnifying glass icon :mag: in the top right corner.

When you are posting a new topic to ask a question, you might see a little box pop up saying "Your topic is similar to...."

Inside the box, you can click similar topics to view them.

Be sure to open and check topics that look similar to yours in case your question is already answered :smiley:

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I need a best friend in hopscotch my user name is ben merritt

*uhh this is so boring why can't I send messages! *
so not cool! Please make so people can chat I need help where do I get it only admins can not fair I really need help I can't get it this is worthless!


Free access to do messages!

please answer if you've done that hopscotch team!

I'm counting on you!


Sorry for being so mean tho!


I do not have the ask a question button. Rhis is really annoying. Why is it not there?


You're only a basic. Members can ask questions!


How do you become a member?


Members keep coming back to the site, and have participated long enough to earn complete citizenship.

They can get to trust level 2 by...

visiting at least 15 days, not sequentially
casting at least 1 like
receiving at least 1 like
replying to at least 3 different topics
entering at least 20 topics
reading at least 100 posts
spend a total of 60 minutes reading posts
Admins can change these thresholds in..

Users at trust level 2 can...

Use the "Invite others to this topic" button for one-click onboarding of new users to participate in topics
Invite outside users to PMs making a group PM
Daily like limit increased by 1.5 ×

This is what you need to become member and what you get when you're a member.


My other hopscotch account was not working on the hopscotch forum so I made a new account. I have a few suggestions for an update for hopscotch. First, can you add a create your own custom sound. That would be helpful to program a song in a game. Second, I want a draw or choose a picture from your camera role instead of putting emojis and programing them to shrink. Third, it would be nice if you add a way to see all the hopscotchers that are following you. I saw a lot of hopscotchers ask to add that feature in their projects. That is it for the suggestions.


You basically need to be a NEMBER
To do it
Just tap 360 new then the add question button is there!
Only when your an nember!


This could be very helpful to some people!





Yeah I'm A Help Bot For Hopscotch (something I just made up)
I want to help Beginners Just Ask A question
- Polls
- Project Idea
- Coding
- New Updates
- Forum Stuff (strongtexts,polls,facts,etc)
Liza we need to make this true
A Help Bot If you do can I do one
like a bot that answers questions
on a page...

As well When You've Chosen one of the above Please Tell me it Or I wont know who you are :smiley:


oops poll didn't work ill just have to do it again

  • Polls
  • Project Ideas
  • Coding
  • New Updates



Poll didn't work?
Use the one At the bottom!!!
sorry I'm bad at the forum stuff
Please Help me




Revive revive




Revive revive... is this even allowed (probably shouldn't do this then lol)