How to answer questions like a pro



The moment of truth! Sharing your wisdom with the community. Woot!

Here are some tips on rocking your replies and contributing your best self to the community.

  • Be helpful! Assume that everyone is just as smart as you are :stuck_out_tongue:
  • Show, don’t tell: use screenshots to show code.
  • Make your answer easy to read. Use numbers and bullets to break up your points and make notes to explain how your code works.
  • Provide a summary of your main points at the top of your answer.
  • Take pride in sharing your skills! It’s really awesome to help someone learn.

You knew this already, but: answers that are off-topic, unhelpful, or inappropriate will be removed.

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Help? I am new!
Be an awesome member of the forum
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Sharing Your Knowlage

Make sure that your answer is clear and specific.

Make sure that it is easy to read.

Make sure to use screenshots if you can!

Tip 1: Before you send your reply, read it in your head and visualize what you are saying to see if it makes sense.

Tip 2: Try to make your sentences short and not so complicated so people can visualize and understand what you are saying.


search your problem before you ask the community

If you search your problem before you make another topic it will:

1• save space so the forum isn't filled with the same questions
2• save your time

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use quotes and links!


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