How to add special colours on hopscotch


Today I'm going to tell you about how to add special colours credit to @Valgo
For finding how to do this!
First go to create new tab !


Then press on the +button then get chiliana out!


Than what??? I'm a little confused


Then tap on change colour Uploading...


You're having trouble? Okay.. Let me explain it... Through words... My power button broke...

After getting Chillana's out... Get a leave a trail block.

Also, while you're doing that. Get a set text block.

Keep tapping the colour block ( The part with the colour) in the Leave a Trail block until you see a text option that says " Select | Select All | Paste ".

Now tap Select All and tap Copy

Enter your set text block and paste the code..

You should see this once pasted.


"#" represents numbers.

Then, if you have a sketching app, you can use that to find out the colors... I recommend using Skitch or Sketchbook Express / Pro (If you have the money).

The first number is the H part, H stands for Hue.
The second number is the S part, S stands for Saturation.
The third number is the B part, B stands for Brightness.

Once you get the Unicode of a colour, modify the HSB code to whatever you like...

Say... Like this..


Next, tap the back of the Unicode until you get the Select tool again...

Tap select all and then copy, tap the colour block of the leave a trail block until you see the select all option again..

Tap select all and tap paste.

Then test it.

Don't forget to remove the set text block!


This was soooo clear!!!! Thx!!!!! And do u like music?


It's no doubt!

I made these two...

Demons by Imagine Dragons

Radioactive by Imagine Dragons

And one still being made...


Wow.........that's amazing!!!!!!!


And let's not get too off topic in here... This topic is about colors.. :slightly_smiling:


Oh. Ok............great tutorial btw, on the colors


Thanks for explaining it for me
My fourm was glitched and I couldn't post anything bat thx


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