How to add keyboard shortcuts on iPad



Here's how to add Keyboard Shortcuts on your iPad. In this example I'm using the division symbol ÷

Open up Settings and go to "General", then "Keyboard":

Then go to "Shortcuts":

Press the + button in the top right corner:

And here you can paste in the symbol, and name a shortcut for it. Whenever you type that shortcut, it will be replaced by the symbol instead:

A tip with naming shortcuts is you could double the first letter in the shortcut phrase. For example, for the ÷ symbol, you could call your shortcut "ddivision" so whenever you type "ddivision", it will be replaced by ÷ instead. (Credits to this site for that tip)

It's very useful if you have special symbols that you use often and don't want to have to copy and paste every time into Hopscotch. For example, whenever I want to type a division sign, I just type the shortcut and then it automatically fills in the division sign for me :smiley:

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This is really helpful @t1_hopscotch, thanks! :grinning:


We could do this for custom colors!


@t1_hopscotch THANKS SO MUCH!!! Now I won't be typing HSB(00,00,00) all the time!


Keyboard shortcuts is really important for the iPad users, because it can help them type quickly. Now I have some tips. To tap "Settings > General > Keyboard > Shotcuts", After that, the shortcuts will all be shown in the right side of the interface as the below window shows on iPad. In addition, I have others skills to add keyboard shortcuts on iPad, including other magic tricks for easier typing.


Y not post the ways for easier typing?


This is such a helpful topic, thank you! :smile: