How to: actually “get” THT to do something about [something] <DISCUSSION>


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The Introduction Stuffz™️:

This is not another of the many topics complaining about the problems with HS and its forum and their community. This is more a solution topic that should in my opinion really be quite obvious but is often underrated, I find.

The Problems™️:

Bugs, trolls, inappropriate behaviour, general stuff that only THT can really do anything about.

The Solution™️:

Literally just email them. It may seem obvious (like I said!), long and like you wont get a reply but you probably will.

The Catch(es)™️:

I’ve seen many topics or posts with complaints aimed at THT. That as a concept is fine. However, in practice, many people forget how to actually STRUCTURE their writing effectively, politely and sensibly.

If you’re feeling mad or upset, take some deep breaths before you write. Always use a respectful and calm tone with THT. They are adults and most of you are kids. Even those of us who aren’t kids need to make sure we’re being respectful and polite.

Please do not use violent or abusive language including insults. Instead of “this [bleep] [bleep] user who called me a […]” just say “there is a user who has been mean/rude/[whatever]” or something.
Or, for a bug, dont say “THIS IS SO ANNOYING I WILL QUOT IF YOU DONT FIX THUS” [deliverately misspelled btw]; just say “there is a bug” and fill out the form.

The Proof™️:

Almost every time I’ve emailed them, they’ve responded very quickly. Recently i saw inappropriate behaviour on the forum, emailed @Liza and she suspended the user that same day.

The Tips™️:

If you send an email and only get an automated reply, leave it for a day or two then resend it. People forget how busy tht are. They get loads of emails every day and they have to go through as many as possible so yours may be missed out.

If you want to complain about quality of featured, the community on HS, the forum or the toxicity therein, please remember to be respectful. Also, don’t just say “There is a problem and I find [this] to be [whatever] please fix it, thanks.” That’s not particularly helpful to THT. They’ve probably heard the same thing many times. Try doing what I’m doing here and offer feasible solutions which actually could go ahead. Eg don’t ask for forummer moderation to return because THT dont want that and there may be legal problems or something (idk) or some may not wish to spend their days scrolling through flags etc - not to mention things got slightly out of hand before.
Instead offer a solution, such as maybe ask tht to consider spending more time moderating or something, or to get Hops more involved in Featuring or something.

The Key Points™️:

Email THT if you want something to happen, don’t bother ranting on the forum because they’re too busy to see all the stuff here.
Be respectful in those emails. Use calm, clear language to get your point across without being rude or “bratty” or whatever else.
Resend emails after a few days if you dont get a reply.
Offer solutions not just the problems you want fixed.

Thanks for reading XD

Read this @OMTL and @KVJs_Lot

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It’s about time someone points it out in a topic.
Nicely done, by the way!


That’s so true. They have emailed me back 3 out of the 4 times I emailed them. Like you said, just word things properly and be polite. I don’t think Liza wants to listen to whining.

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No one ever remembers and it drives me nuts


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I was reallyyy expecting Liza to not answer but she actually did! hhh yesssssss


Of course she did. She even thanked me for my “report”.


for me she said

Thanks, [insert my name here].

I have banned this user.



I think Liza responded to me one time? It was when I sent an email about someone’s really inappropriate behavior on Hopscotch


Another great topic of yours! I agree and everything is also really well-written. Awesome job! :clap:


The Problem™:
THT cant fix the bugs on the forum


When my account was hacked I asked if my feature could get re-featured. Later in the day there it was.
When I by accident unpublished my rising, they put it on rising again.
They respond quickly and easily, and awnser all the questions you ask.



Thanks, KVJ! You’re totally right.

I suspended them.



Wow thanks :pray:


True dat


Exactly! When my feature disappeared off featured and my own published i asked for it to be restored and it was - with all the same likes and plays too :grin:


no like

they dont have access to the source for it