How to a Be Nicer Arguer!



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  • Always include something nice in your posts.

Bad EX: You're so mad, you make me cry!
Good: You are nice sometimes, but when you get mad, I get hurt.

  • If you feel you are going to say something hurtful, say it in only 3 words. This makes it harder to be hurtful.

bad EX: Snoopy, you are being SOOO annoying, why can't you just stop?!
Good: Snoopy, please stop.

  • Express YOUR feelings in this format: I don't like it when you... Please...

Bad EX: You're so mean! I hate it! You should quit!
Good: I don't like it when you don't treat me like a deserve. Please try to consider my opinion, too.

  • Use the 'Mom over your shoulder' technique. Basically, if you wouldn't say something with your mom looking over your shoulder, don't say it at all!

Bad: You're so weird!
Good: Haha, that was funny, but be sure to make it nice next time.

  • Consider the person's point of view.

Bad EX: We are much better than you Slytherins! You don't deserve the house cup! We want it!
Good EX: We Hufflepuffs understand that you want the House Cup to buy infinite cupcakes, but we need it more to heal the Great Sirius Black.

I will most likely add more later on!

If you know more, please add more to this discussion below!

Snoopy's Informative Class closed?

I have one:

At school, we play this game where if you catch someone saying mean things to someone else, that person has to go up to the person they were gossiping to and tell them what they did and apologize. I'm not saying we should play that, but if you imagine that, it make you pay more attention about staying nice.


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EsteemedTrout's Internet Argument Guide!
1. Don't be sarcastic!
2. Don't say random things
Example: Topic, Bring Down Art On Hopscotch!
Bad argument: Eugh, that is the worstest, meanest, horriblest thing I've ever heard. You should quit. That's mean. You're a bad artist. You like potatoes. You hate unicorns. You're a bad coder.
Good argument: That seems unfair. For a lot of people, art is a way to express their feelings, and taking away art would be like silencing a ton of awesome people! Art has influenced the community in lovely ways etc..
3. Be against the point, not the person!
Bad: You're not nice.
Good: That point is unfair and mean.
4. Have good grammar
Bad: I has sos mani reeesons too bee med at u write new. R u crazy?
Good: I have so many reasons to be mad at you right now.
5. Be nice, know that what you say on the Internet is there for ever.
Bad: Wow, seriously, you are so ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■ ■■■■
Good: Wow, maybe you should have thought more before you said that about me. That really hurt my feelings.


Also while arguing consider the other person's point of view.


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