How Tall Is The Editor?


I'm making something (no spoilers) and I did the X part of it, but I need the Y part, because it includes EXACTLY where a point in the screen is. We all know the editor is divided into a grid, where each box is 50x50 pixels.

The majority of us know that The Editor's width is around 1024 pixels. They probably the length, too, but for some reason, I can't remember it. And I need it to make the Y part. How tall is The Editor exactly? (I know it is rounded to about 800, but I want it to be the exact)


@Rodrigo can help tell you the exact height!


I think its 768

I may be wrong :stuck_out_tongue:


It's 768, and you can find this by making an object Set Text to ([iPad] height)!


Make a code saying set text to length or width or whatever


Hello @Hoppertoscotch, cool that you asked this question and thanks @Liza for mentioning me. It is a question with two answers.

What you're looking at is a screen of 750 x 1334 px. This are just the amount of points in the screen. But the resolution that you, as a Hopscotcher and us, as Hopscotch designers, are able to use is 375 x 667. :slight_smile:


Wait now I'm confused. Is it what @Rodrigo said or 768?


@Rodrigo talked about the points and resolution, not the tallness. Hope that cleared it up! :)


The size of the iPhone 6 is 375 x 667. That's it.
What I'm not sure is what you mean by "the editor".
667 is the tallnes of the "canvas=white space of your project.


This is actually called The Editor, I've heard THT call it that in some of they're vids.


Oh, sorry….


@Rodrigo meant the tallness of iPhone, but I'm not sure if you are asking about the iPhone or iPad.


iPad, the IPhone's Alpha is SUPER glitchy. I don't have an IPod/IPhone, but I got the Alpha anyway...

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I Live AGAINST Physics.........
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I'm answering about how tall is the iPhone 6, but now I'm confused people.
And @Hoppertoscotch I know it's glitchy, but we're working on it.
Also, don't forget it's not a public product, it's an alpha, just for some users.
You can help us track all the glitches and bugs.
: )


@Rodrigo yeah....whatever. I have my answer, so it's over. :relieved:


The max a object can go up before hitting the border is 768 when you start at the bottom.