How Should I try to pursuade my school to download hopscotch?



I mean, y not, but I think I need some help, anyone willing?
@orangescent1 because on pursading team @her school
@BincBrega1 because of the challenge s/he put up before
@Phase_Admin for the help for my cause, with pictures & recorded sound allowed in hopscotch
THE END, please donate to me, some good arguments, please?


Why do you mean by "for the help for my couse"? I am confused by that.


Tell then the beneficial learning value of the apo


I think typo, it's cause!


Say this, "We should get the AMAZING app called Hopscotch. It is a very good app to start to learn how to code with drag and drop coding which then can inspire other students to learn text based coding languages. Also, Hopscotch is so fun to use and you can collaborate with others on Hopscotch." BOOM! You should got a part of a pursasive essay.


I think I may be able to help. I'll write something when I get home about the educational value of Hopscotch and you can say it's a 'statement from a moderator on Hopscotch' (stretching the truth a bit, but still :P)


Something like this:
Hopscotch is a great way to get kids and adults into coding. Very educational due to all the math that is needed to create a projects. Many school districts have this app for coding education. It is very helpful and gets the brain working hard.


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  1. I can only do that whenI do cry
  2. Mine's bad, (so sad!)


You could try showing them another great project made by really anyone, that would demonstrate what you can do.


My school district put hopscotch on our school iPads and that's what I've been using for the past 2 years (yes I have been on hopscotch for 2 years)
Our teachers hardly know what it is but I told my math teacher that it was a coding app and she let us play it in class and I got to help her make stuff. (Her hopscotch user is udjacob) and you should persuade them


Yeah, show them examples of innovative projects! I'll link you to some!


@Stampys_fans. Me meet you irl, me = Happy


Here are some, I will allow people to add innovative games if they don't joke around.
Don't get 30 by PurpleHawk
2048 v1 by @t1_hopscotch
Escape the Maze by Aster S.
Pop the Lock by @MagmaPOP
Add on below! And give credit!


How is that on-topic, I'd be happy to, did u do that for real, b4?


Whoops! I forgot to say off-topic! Yes I did do that for real.


Here, I'll donate some :grapes:



OK, answer my question: who are you?


Thanks!, I'll keep in mind, I have some watermelon and grapes!


Tell your math teacher it has really good math stuff and show him/her how many math skills are in it like exponents, sin, cos, division and stuff, and show him/her some crazy math projects like:
Rainbow Sin and Cos Wave by -Madi-
Last Touched Test 3! by MagmaPOP