How should I make my characters?/ "Insanity" game updates!



As you may know, I'm making a game. This is a short poll on how I should make my characters.

  • Hopscotch characters
  • Emojis
  • Emojitecture
  • Megamoji
  • 3D stacking
  • Shapes
  • Other (tell me below)


This topic will now be game updates.


With shapes! you get a much higher quality game that way :wink:


I'll edit....


RIP Creative Coder, majority said 3D characters

I'll start when I get to ten or more votes.


I could make a dozen forum accounts and change the vote!


Looks like I have to do 3D stacking. Liek if u cri evrytim


Nope it is tied thanks to me


:sob::sob::sob::sob::sob: Yep, because I voted shapes.


Okay, I'll do shapes. More reasonable I guess...does anyone have a good HSB skin color I can use? @OrangeScent1?


U could see my draw pad and copy the HSB from there


Ok thank you!


Here's what the main character looks like


They're in a lab coat?


Yep. Glad it's noticeable.. It's based off the game "One Chance", and they're scientists!


Can't wait to see it! o(^_^)o


Looks awesome @CreativeCoder!!!!


One chance is so sad... Hope it's not as sad as the real game :sweat_smile:


When's the next challenge? Sorry off topic