How should I code?


How should I code?

  • Keep Doing Pixel Art
  • Stop Pixel Art
  • Other (comment)


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If you don't know me I am @UnderagedCoder1 and my profile is UnderagedCoder™


You should make more types of projects, like games! ^^


It's good to make a variety of projects and extend your coding skills


Like @MelodiousParrot said, do a variety of things! I still think you should not quit pixel art tho!


Thanks @Zachyswag
I will stay at pixel art until I learn more complicated stuff like "clones"


You don't need to learn clones to make stuff like games.


I know…
but look at Funky 63
He is making stuff that I don't understand and trust me, I code advanced JavaScript


Most of the games I make, I make by myself, and I had to learn them myself. Just watch some of the tutorials and you might understand a little bit! :slight_smile:


I understand hopscotch I just… what's the word IDK… "haven't cought up" to the level of coding


Like I said, watch some tutorials and you'll get the hang of it.

I believe in u senpai

U may be a nub on the forum, but u are a senpai.


You have great pixel art. :+1:. Keep doing pixel art, but you should try coding other things too-trail art, games, movies, etc.


Thx @Zachyswag


You should code as you want. It´s you that decides what to make.