How Secure is Your Password? (HS Related)



1 day... I should probably change it


OMG! My password is so secure!


51 years! That's better.


four weeks... is that good?


If I changed it to something really simple, simpler than the one that takes 200 milliseconds to crack, it would take 100 years. Weird.


A load of letters and. Numbers takes forever


How do you Change your password?



I don't think that's good...


I changed the password and now it says 410 billion years! Thanks for making this topic!


Guys, I wouldn't get too worked up over what it says.

Just saying, it's considering a worst possible scenario.

Plus, why would an advanced computer hacking system target kids on a coding app?


2 hours?
Please teach me how I can change my password in HS pls


I got 2 minutes D: For the forum...


Don't get to worked up about it!

But if you want to change your password, make sure your account is hooked up with your email. Then log out, click the 'I forgot my password button,' enter your email, then check your email and click the link to change it.Your password will be changed!


Gotta go fast xD


11 microseconds for hopscotch D:





My new password's strength:

Well your computer might be overheating before you hack mine xD


I tried my old pass which was 'ISmile'...

I'm glad I changed it lol


Look at mine!

Lol, just kidding. I just put in random stuff! :joy:


@Fun_in_the_Sun the tag is misspelled.