How Secure is Your Password? (HS Related)



Well, in Hopscotch or on the forums, someone could hack you, or can they? This password machine estimates how long it takes to hack your account with a computer.
If it is red, you need to change it.
If it's yellow, consider changing it later.
If it's green, no worries about needing to change you password!
This is HS related because it talks about, your password, and how Sucure it is in HS and the forums.
Don't tell your password on here though!
Just tell how long.


My password is cracked instantly! :flushed:


You might want to change it.


1 nonillion years! Woah xD


I month! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I wouldn't do that, the website copys your password FOREVER!


Then after you do your real password, them type in a fake to confuse it.


True, but it doesn't know what the password is for. It could be for a game account, or it could be your computer password, and it won't know.


Then it would copy both passwords... It would just use both passwords to crack into the account...


I agree with @codingCupcake123,,it doesn't know what the password is for.


It uses JavaScript calculations to determine it, it doesn't send your password to anything. But if it's hacked..


Oh really...



It's all on your side.


Mine would take 2 years to crack.


The whole website is javascript client side calculations, nothing gets sent to the server. There are cookie trackers so potentially a hacker could know that you have been to the website but not anything that you typed in.

Mine would take 3 Octillion years :smiley:




I did random numbers and letters and signs,
Hers what I got



8 milliseconds for Hopscotch, 2 minutes for forum.
Not changing it.


Mine would either take 1 minute or 2 billion years.