How old are you? :0



I'm 10! Yes I know about nothing for my age just some lines of polynomials and such algebra

I'm going to fifth grade this august


now I've grown about 2 inches and doubled my age


I'm 11 :slight_smile:🤣:dancer:🏻:dancers::dress::purse::crown:🦋:unicorn::cherry_blossom::hibiscus::rose::tulip::rainbow::comet::boom::snowflake::pizza:🥘


14 :joy: Wait r we aloud to post r ages or is that against rules @t1_hopscotch


Your 12 Idiot



I'm glad you asked :blush: Age is okay:


Ight thank you Ima bout to tag you in one last thing today just a heads up sorry :joy:


am very true sir please dont make fun :joy:


I'm 13 :slight_smile: yup......

and I'm about this tall :stuck_out_tongue: seriously though I'm 4 foot 10" send help


I'm 4' 4" so yeah… but in my defense, I am only 11.


Ten and I probably know too much and I can't explain because chain reactions are my favorite way of accusation :')


I'm 4'9 and I'm 11. I'm not the tallest in my grade, but not the shortest


100th vote!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Im 11 also, im about ur height to :0000


Make that 101!

Don't judge
i am 10, born in 2006


guess. and if you already know, don't guess, i guess.


I'm about five feet 1/2 inch and I'm 10

I guess I'm kinda tall




I'm 12. Even though I act like I'm 7.