How old are you? :0



I know :0

When people call me "shorty" or "shrimp" it rlly annoys me


Really, same. I seriously hate when that happens. Especially because I'm like the shortest person D:


I know D:

All those years, and that person is still me :///


Yup, wouldn't it be better if it was shortest to tallest XD but they sadly never do that ;-;


Yeah ;-;

My best friend is barely taller than me and she still calls me "short."

Ugh. That word.


I know right my friend is taller then me by 1 inch(which is a lot I guess but still) she sometimes calls me small doesn't it tick you of ;-;.


Don't worry I literally am a pug so I know all about it


Omgee yes. ;-;

But if I tell her to stop, she might feel offended.


Ya me too, so just I sometimes tell my friend end that she's the one thats to tall(kinda as a joke) XD


Last year me and two of my friends were in flute practice groups for band. We walked back to class together, and I usually walked in the middle of them.


I felt so shrimpy :/


My friend is rlly nice, and we're rlly close, that's why I don't want to offend her. :///

Sometimes my friends and I joke about being short, and then one of them brings up me, and to me it's immediately not funny anymore. :P


I know :P

I walk to violin with 2 of my rlly good friends, and one of them is the tallest person in the grade and I am like, the shortest. It's always :0


Ya my friends really nice to. She's like the only friend I have. And I don't seriously don't like it when people say I'm short. I mean it's not really my fault. But I don't mind if she's just joking with me. But if she says stuff that's super offensive or keeps talking about it for along time then i get offended. ๏ผˆยด-`)



I'm 6 years old


@BerryFOX @Sensei_Coder haven't you heard

"Life's too short to be tall"



I'm 6 and I'm like 5'3


Sorry late reply :///

But I agree.


Now I have! XD

That makes sense.

I'll probably grow up and only be like 5"2 or something. XD


I remember this topic! :DDD

how @TheDrawer and I became friends!


Aww, yes this was one of the best topiks
and good thing I did go on this fabulous topik, because if I haven't went here I would never have known such a great senpai, artist and person! :D