How old are you? :0



I do :P

When I was like 7, people were mean to me because I was pretty short and they thought is was "easy" to pick on me and everything because of that.

I rlly didn't like it, but they wouldn't stop. :I


I'm homeschooled and have no real social life, so it's not a bother for me lol

But if it is for you, sorry about it :slight_frown:



That's okay, it's over now, but I'll never forget when it happened.



I feel for you berry

(Don't ask)


Thanks, but like I said, it's over now. :D

I have so many nice supporting friends on the forum, I have nothing to worry about!


Yaayyyyy :smile:

Let's be friends :grinning::smiley::smile:



lol I thought we already were



We were

But now we are double friends


Really that's mean ;-;
Well it doesn't matter if your short or not because it's not your fault your short.
When I was in first grade or something, most of the kindergarteners were taller than me. And they kept saying "im taller than a first grader" It really bugged me for some reason XD it still does happen though XD


Alrighty, then! XD

Now let's GBOT pleez :D


Thank you, @TheDrawer!

I know, don't you just h8 being that kid?! :P


I'm 25 in pug years lol




Yeah lol



Yup, I'm literally always that kid :P


My age is blank


Same :P

There's no stopping it though, and that's what makes it worse


Oh yes and pug years are different than dog years


Yup, its not like there's a thing that makes you taller in seconds. And even if there was I probably wouldn't take it


Wow XD

I never knew

I don't have a pug so idk :P