How old are you? :0



I am 10 hahahahahahahaha


Cool! :D


I am twelve

And often mistaken for eight


Awesome! :D

I know, I'm pretty short for my age, and often mistaken for 8 as well.


Great :smile: lol

I think I know why I'm mistaken for eight

I'm not very smart, short, and I do childish stuff a lot


I totally get you lol

My frens already had their growth spurts, and I'm laik 4 feet tall :\




Awesome! :D

I think the variety of ages on the forum is rlly cool!


Like I said, please don't estimate my age. :D

I might not be 10, who knows?


I'm 13 lol


Cool! :D



people mistake me and think i'm a 13 year old because i'm maturely older then my physical age :stuck_out_tongue:


Wow :0

I'm completely the opposite XD


I'm 11 :D

Because my birthday is in June, I'm literally one of the youngest kids in the grade. Plehhhhhh


I know, that stinks :0 :0 :0


I know, but in my school nearly everybody is maturely older then their physical age :upside_down:


Wow :0

So many boys today were singing the PPAP song

I was like, rlly?!

My school is so mature XD


Wow, that's interesting. A third of my class has summer bdays, one kid even has a November birthday.





I'm sorry, Murphy.

I didn't mean to sound rude. ;-;

I just feel a little uncomfortable when people do stuff like that. :D