How old are you? :0



Hold your flags!

I think it is really creative about the different ages on Hopscotch, and how it shows that anyone can learn to code! I hear a lot of people saying they are "young" and all, so here (if you feel comfortable), you can tell people your real age! The forum is a great community, so they will accept your age! I think that it's really awesome about all the different ages on the forum, and if you want, you can share yours here!

If you don't want to tell anyone your real age, here is an anonymous poll!

  • 8-10
  • 11-14
  • 15+
  • Younger than these options





Cool :D

I don't rlly want to tell people my age, I'm afraid I'll be judged. ;-;


But you made the topic? I am eleven


I know, I jus don't feel comfortable with it. ;-;




13 years old :smiling_imp:


Am 7 yrs old :new_moon_with_face:





Are you in 8th grade?


I don't know grades in in NZ
But I'm in year nine​:grimacing:




Hello New Zeland person. (I spelled it wrong)


You American person??


Yes I am. (20 characters)


I be 3.


That's 3/4th grade.


But I'm 13 not 8-9??!!?


Same! :D


Then just choose 11-14