How often are you on the forums?



Hey guys I just want to have a idea on how often you are on the forum I am on like 15 times a day everyday! Sometimes weekends 20! And also what time usually you may be wondering how will this help?

  1. I Know if you will be able to do something at certain times!

  2. If I need to get in contact with you!

  3. If it's a emerngcy and I really need you

From your furry friend -huggingfluffybear


I'm on around 3:00 or right after school central time, It always changes though!!
Yes and I'm on a lot on weekends, on Thursdays I'm really busy
This weekend I will not be on a lot but normally yes I will be on a lot!!


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Ok! I'm on the forum about 25 times throughout the day. I come on and off a lot during school- yay school iPads!- and then I come on for a while in the morning, A LOT after school, and A TON at night!


mabbey like i am being hacked and I need a list of advice from a certain person!


I check the forum from 07:00 AM to 08:00 PM, I am on a lot :joy:.


I am on a ton at night and not during school I am homeschooled but a bunch in the morning!


I'm Here At Random Times.


Yeah I am all over the place!


Wow! I check it around 6:00am - 10:30pm. I love the forums!


Yeah mostly 1:00 p.m to 9:30 pm!


Me to its my favorite thing!


Same here. Even central time!


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Wow. I Just Saw You Reply In A Flash!


Sometimes I'm on in the morning, but only for like five minutes, so don't expect to see me then. Mostly, I'm on right after school, around 4:00 PM central time, and stay on up to 11:00 PM. Sometimes, I come on during the day, and of course am on during weekends and school holidays.


I'm here whenever I am here. :sunglasses:


Same thing for me with @RubyStars!


I am usually on at random times during the week. Maybe a little bit more on weekends.....


Yeah it's like with you.....

Surprise meme!