How off topic is the forum?



How off topic is it, you may ask?
Here are a few ways to find out how off topic the forum is:

Step 1. Type in the hopscotch forum. Then go to google images.
See anything related?

Step 2. Is the drawing topic open?

Step 3. How many times have you said How is this related to Hopscotch? this week?

Step 4. Is this topic related to Hopscotch?

Step 5: How many topics have been closed today?

In conclusion, I've comprised the perfect answer to this long lost question!

How off topic is the forum?

The answer is....

It's not off topic, none of it is! Every reply you make is on a topic on the forum :wink:

The final verdict


Ok, before you flag this, I just want to say that if you actually went through these steps, you'd find some really wacky stuff not related to coding, and maybe we should do something about it
But right now, I just made a troll topic






That was a troll, man. Seriously?




Pfffft XD




But really the first step is so weird... There are so many memes in the pics instead of actual coding topics or projects .o.o


Seriously that's kinda innapropriate. quote


That was a great troll XD


Maximum likes, walked out of them, etc :heart:


likes your post trying to make you angry because you can't like



@friendship2468 okay. I deleted it -_- But I didn't know any word that has those characters.
@OrangeScent1 I told you not to walk out of likes, you should jog out of them.


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Did I end up getting it closed? Sorry.


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