How much progress have you made on the Web Player?



This is just for the Hopscotch team to view.


I'm not the Hopscotch Team and I'm not sure, but I think we'll just have to be patient as they're been working on a lot of things and new features for us already :smiley: like the new update which just came out.


Hey @BlueOrangeFangio! Just today we got clones to work in the Web Player! That might not sound like a big thing but it was hard.

It's cool how we need to add each individual function to the web player. It's almost like we're building Hopscotch from scratch, except we know where everything fits beforehand—like making a lego set using instructions! Good practice for when we start work on Hopscotch for Android :wink:


Okay, what about now?


@BlueOrangeFangio I'm not sure but like I said before, the Hopscotch Team will release it when it's ready :smile:

It takes a lot of time coding programs and getting them to work, and I'm sure the Hopscotch Team has a lot of work and a busy schedule, so just remember to be mindful and patient. Huge thanks to them for coding a web player!


Should it be ready now @Ian?


Progress! Expect to see it released this month (no joke!)


this is going to change the way people play with hopscotch forever




Hi, @Ian, just wondering, because A LOT of devices aren't Apple owned, it it'll be for kindles. (I'm not really the techie person, but I am getting better day by day thanks to Hopscotch!) I have a kindle, and my neighbors, who look over my shoulder as a play hopscotch really want to try. I have two friends who ADORE it. They love Kaliediscope draw and Minecraft Sneak Up, so I made them accounts on my iPad. They dint understand this type of code, because their dad is currently teaching them to make mods with Java, but they don't really understand the simplified version. They enjoy hopscotch and their dad said it was helping them understand!! They will go crazy when they can get hopscotch!


Hey @LazyLizard! With the web player, you can share the projects you made with your friends if their Kindles have web browsers (I'm pretty sure they do).

Our next big project is getting the Hopscotch editor onto iPhones in the first half of 2016, and then after that we want to get onto Android and other devices. So maybe late next year.


@Ian When ever I open a project in the webplayer I get this:

Any ideas?


That's great! Both of them have iPhones, too!


Thanks AHappyCoder. Fixed :smile:


Ah! We had a bug with the web player this afternoon :-\ but it should be up and working now...

Let us know if it's not! Also, if you run into projects that don't look right when you play them on the web player, send us an email! We're very much still improving the web player, so expecting some bugs...

Thanks again!


Hi @Liza! I just tried it and it still seems not to be working. :disappointed:

I did it just now as well.


yeah! same! @ILoveSmudgey


Can you post the link to the page? @AHappyCoder too please!


Er um every page I open does that :frowning:


To the hopsctch team:

ok seriously I hope we make awesome projects