How much longer!


i am very mad because the regular badge checkup is closed and i have been on for the required amount of days, and i believe i have read the correct amount of posts and topics but why haven't gotten regular yet!


You do seem to. Have you been active for the last 50 days, every day?

Also maybe try reading a little more and it'll appear soon enough :wink:


you just have to be active for 50 days not in a row i do believe. but the reading i think so... thx


Not 50 days in a row, but 50 days in the past 100.


You actually need to be on for 7 more days and you'll be fine


You need to be on for 50 days, not consecutively though.
(btw since the forum is 100+ days old the "out of 100" isn't too important)


You don't need to be mad, it was closed for a reason :slight_smile:

And yeah, 7 more days :wink:


You have to be active for 50 days. Which means replying, creating topics, liking, etc.

As PT said, you need to be on for 7 more days :slight_smile:


yup... :stuck_out_tongue: pretty much gonna do that until i get it.


@kiwicute2016 when will I get regular


Ya when will we get it??


Me too!! I got demoted for going on vacation :frowning: ;-;