How much is a k?


Hiiiiiiii! I was just wondering, how much is a k? Like you know how it says 10.5k posts read or whatever? Well how much is a k?


1000 :D


K means 1000 (I think!) =D


A "k" stands for kilo, which means 1000. So if it said 7.5k, it would mean 7500. :D

Here's a link that explains it further! :D


K stands for one thousand. So 12.5 k wouid be 12,500


1000 :D

And if it says 9k+, that means it over 9000

bad jokes 4 life


No, over 9000k would be over 9,000,000. Over 9k means over 9,000.

ye bad jokes



I forgot how to joke


Is 9kk a thing? Or 9kkkkkkkkk