How much do you like Hopscotch?



How much do you like Hopscotch from 1 to 10 and give one explanation of why you think that!


I would give 9/10
Because hopscotch is a great app easy to use.
It's simple, clear, fast and evolving really quick.

You may not have realized but coding real games is almost the same.
Values, if commands (check if, check if else)... Are all used while coding games.
I know that because I used to code games.
I stopped because I wasn't familiarized enough with coding,
But hopscotch actually helped me on that point.

You can create, publish and browse projects which is really nice
And above that you can also see the code of other people's projects which proves at what point hopscotch is about learning.
I learned a lot from projects but even more on the forum.

The forum is really great because the community can chat with the hopscotch team and other hopscotchers. I learned a lot from hopscotchers, one of them actually gave me a technique that fixed a bug in my project that stopped me from continuing. On the forum you can ask questions, give ideas, browse ideas. If you browse the forum you can see that questions aren't answered in more than 1 hour. There are a lot of kids on the forum and app so the hopscotch team is strict about security, privacy is their #1 concerne.

Hopscotch is for me the place to start off by nothing and finish off a coder.

So hopscotch for me gets 9/10 because I still think there are some things missing.


I'd give Hopscotch a 9.5/10.

I love Hopscotch because you get to express yourself and be unique! Other than blocks and characters, you have almost no limits for what you can make.

Also, if you look at other programming games for kids, they are very limited. "Make Bob move forward." Most don't allow experimentation and variety like Hopscotch does.

We also have an amazing community. Yes, there are some people who spam or beg for likes. But overall, Hopscotch has a great community who has helpful and creative people.

Finally, it inspired me, in a way. I stumbled along Hopscorch by accident, but I got right into it. Hopscotch has developed an interest in coding for me. Now, I'm learning JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Overall, Hopscotch is a fantastic game. It has variety, a great community, and inspired me. Thank you, Hopscotch!


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I LOVE hopscotch soooo much it's like my #1 favourite coding thing! I still thing just a few things could be improved/added


I think that The Hopscotch Team @Liza, @Ian, @asha deserve a MASSIVE

THANK YOU!! for everything they have done on Hopscotch: the amount of effort that has gone into Hopscotch is stunning! They are amazing!! :yum::cat:

THANK YOU SO MUCH! Hopscotch has given me an indepth understanding of coding which I certainly wouldn't of had otherwise. I rate it 10 out of 10!!


:grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: Thank you @ILoveSmudgey!!! We're so glad that you like it!


∞/10!!!!!! there is nothing better the Hopscotch and The Hopscotch Forums!!!!!


I give it a ten, because it is very fun and addictive! It's also very open-ended which means you aren't only limited to making certain projects and people can watch the videos and elaborate and personalise the game with their own twist. If I could sum up Hopscotch in one word, it would be awesome.