How Much Do You Know Me From Hopscotch?



I have been curious to see if someone sees me familiar from hopscotch, here's a poll!

  • I follow you and spam like your posts
  • I have heard of you and follow you
  • I've seen the name around
  • Never heard of you​:slight_frown:
  • I'm a troll


BAS Approved Friendly Mass Tag List



Wish I could see who voted if you could would you tell what you voted for in the comments please?


I put in the top one, spam like and follow:D


Please I am. Or on the tag list!


Don't really know you. Wish I did at least now I've heard of you.


Wait, what???


Oops I meen I am not on the tag list any more!


I did the top, becuase I follow and spam like everybody pretty much. XD


I like how trolls are so honest XD


What is a troll? Idk what it is.


What did you pick on the poll?


I have seen your username somewhere. I don't have such a shiny memory though.


I chose the third one.


It's a secret! :yum:


Will you please tell?