How Much Do I Make Your Day?



On a scale 1-10 how much do I make your day, plz be honest, and if I can do anything more to make your day! Please comment below

  • 1-3
  • 4-6
  • 6-8
  • 9-10
  • A lot
  • Please try a little harder!


Please reply below!! I will try to help if you do!! Please answer with what you picked, can more people respond!! So many voters!!

These are the people who said they wanted to be tagged



Please try a little Harder! (No Offense) I picked that.


Idk, I just know people never help enough.


I picked 4-6, not because I'm mean, you make me smile sometimes, but not everyday. :wink:


Try to give great advice and great topics about helping others. (This next one is a joke) And Be Awesome. But that's so true. If you do this people will ask you for advice out of 100s of people


Is this you?

I'm not sure, but if so, you haven't liked anything in a while, maybe like more. :wink:


No, that is just somebody else! Can @RubyStars, @SmileyAlyssa, and @Fun_in_the_Sun help me recognize great people?


lol I voted before you tagged me! I say you make my day a lot!!!!


Thanks!! How can I help on forum and on hopscotch


I never said I wanted to be tagged. Why does everyone think that??


Why am I not on the mass tag list?


@Sprouse, @Stick88


I just removed Sprouse from the tag list... :neutral_face:


9-10, you're awesome and always brighten when I'm sad!


Thank you guys so much for the feedback, i will try to do better!!


I don't have my iPad with me too look at projects, but I will soon :wink: Just remind me I'm very forgetful


Update your tag list I'm not in there!!!


Um, I don't really see you making anyone's day very often…Anyway, did you see the art club topic I made? I got like 7 people in it! And we are going to have to split group 7 and do it in two groups. So we have to change the name group 7 to group 7, class 2 and group 7, class 1.


9-10 whenever I get on the forum I know you are always there!


So what should I do to be better?