How Much Code is in a Megabyte?


There is this game I am making, actually its like an iPad, and I don’t want it to be laggy. I would like to know how much code is in a megabyte, if possible, and find how many megabytes Hopscotch can hold in one project.

I would think that around 50 blocks of code would be a megabyte, but I’m just guessing.


Try asking this question here:

I’m pretty sure that some Hopscotch JSON-interested people have that topic bookmarked or on watching so that they can see every new reply.


Thanks! By the way, what does JSON stand for?


It stands for JavaScript Object Notation.
You can read more about JSON here:


A project size of 1 MB is actually very big.


How big it would be?


json is just raw text read in a fancy way right?


Yup. It stands for JavaScript Object Notation, but you can use it with other languages as well.


its really nice because you can also read it so if youre testing an api or something you actually see its response, not just alfiwhbv728ajds4jwjfh