How many topics are closed in a day?


The results for the day today are: 3!

We will do suggestions here for what topics are good and bad and how we can improve this.


Ya learn something new everyday XD


Mine was because the topic wasn't needed anymore.


In answer to the title: idek it depends XD


XD. That was my experiment I didn't ask you.



How many topics are closed in a day?

Question mark. You asked me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Get Komplekt!


Ok well this looks like an interesting topic



Well, I was asking you so you'd get interested and come in lol

Get murrected!!!



Get Komplekt :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Look, it's a answer to a questions that I asked.

Get murrect!!!


You said that...

I posted that.

Get. Komplekt.


Meh. This isn't worth it. I WIN!!!!!

Get murrect!!!


You said you didn't ask me. I proved you did. I win.

Zurück on Topik now Senpai?


I WIN!!!!! So we can talk on German on your Q and A????? (Just if you want too)


I win. I proved you wrong.

Sure see ya there.



Tag me???? I WIN!!!!!