How Many Times Were You Featured?


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Who Many Times Have You Been On Featured

I personally have been featured 3 times


One day OS one day...


I've never been on featured. Or trending. Do you have any ideas of something cool I could make?


Maybe make another topic for that :wink:


Ok thanks @OrangeScent1


4 for me!


0 for me but I have gotten a rising!


0, no trending, no rising :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


3! Smooth Mickey, Super Cute Pixel Unicorn!!!!, (yes I was excited when I published it:stuck_out_tongue:) and Fire Draw!


4 4 me!


Who voted 6+..... Probably just trolling :stuck_out_tongue:


What were they? :o besides the starfire one


I bet @MagmaPOP has over 6 features


KiwiCute, probs! She's been featured, like, 15 times :stuck_out_tongue:


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yep. definately!


Me Thinking about life and the jackpots :wink:
EDIT: I honestly hated the "Me thinking about life" one :joy:


foury times
some on this account others on diff. accounts


I've been featured 8 times! I hope you all get more than I do though :wink: